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Dr Phil believes that psychological disorders can be diagnosed treated and possibly cured just like physical illnesses Dr Phils views reflect the point of view suggested byathe medical model of abnormal behaviourbthe behavioural model of abnormal behaviourcthe deviance model of abnormal behaviourdthe psychodynamic model of abnormal behaviourThe apparent causation and developmental history of an illness is referred to as itsaetiologybepidemiologycdiagnosisdprognosisSummer has anorexia nervosa and is slowly starving herself to death However when friends or family tell her to seek professional help she tells them that she feels fine She cant understand why people wont just leave her alone In this example Summers eating disorder would MOST likely be consideredapersonally distressing shes not distressed at allbculturally deviant a little but not the main considerationcmaladaptive she is not adapting her eating habitsddelusional she may feel fine so this isnt a delusionWhich of the following is NOT a common stereotype about psychological disordersaPsychological disorders are incurable definitely people think this but some disorders are curablebPsychological disorders are a function of biophysiological factors people do NOT generally think this waycPeople with psychological disorders are violent and dangerous only a smallare but still a common stereotypedPeople with psychological disorders are very different from normal people people think so but
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