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Sept 11 2013 Lecture 1Motivational TheoriesConceptsWhat is motivationdeals with factors that energize and stimulates behaviorEssential states to motivational states1Energizing2Directiveguides behavior to specific goals 3Persistenceto receive to initiate the goal4Strengthdifferent motivations have different strengths Drive TheoriesHomeostasis when internal state of tension the balance is disrupted hungry too hot coldDrive state of tension psychological state that motivates us to satisfy needsNeed state of biological arising in organisms when lacking something aka social deficiencyIncentive theoriesthings that we want to get externalmoney good grades work a lotRegulation by external stimuli Evolutionary theoriesmaximizes a persons reproductive successBiologicalSocial motivesno absolute distinction between a biological motive vs social motiveBiologicalto eat etcSocialSelfDeterminationhelps explain paradox some behaviours do not increase after rewarding Humans that have naturally active and seek opportunities to learn and grow to become successfulAutonomydescribes need that people want to be independent in control of their own things without helpCompetencetendencies to control peoples environmentRelatednessto seek social interactions build networks connections relates to others feel that we make a differencebe related in the worldWhen aware of these by satisfaction they are motivated by Intrinsicpeople motivated in an activity that is interesting enjoyable by choosing too to do soExtrinsicto perform a good behaviour and being given a rewardto avoid punishmentBehaviour might be the same but motivation different volunteering
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