PSYC 1002 Study Guide - Leptin, Human Female Sexuality, Overjustification Effect

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14 Jul 2014

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What is motivation deals with factors that energize and stimulates behavior. Essential states to motivational states: energizing, directive guides behavior to specific goals, persistence to receive to initiate the goal, strength different motivations have different strengths; Drive theories: homeostasis when internal state of tension the balance is disrupted (hungry, too hot, cold) Drive: state of tension; psychological state that motivates us to satisfy needs. Need: state of biological arising in organisms when lacking something aka social deficiency. Incentive theories things that we want to get (external money, good grades, work a lot) Evolutionary theories maximizes a person"s reproductive success. Biological & social motives no absolute distinction between a biological motive vs social motive. *self-determination helps explain paradox (some behaviours do not increase after rewarding) Humans that have naturally active and seek opportunities to learn and grow to become successful. Autonomy describes need that people want to be independent, in control of their own things without help.

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