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Motives are needs wants interests and desires that propel people in certain directionMotivation involves goaldirected behaviourDrive Theories Drive theories apply the concept of homeostasus to behaviour A drive is an internal state of tension that motivates an organism to engage in activites that should reduce this tensionWhen you experience a drive youre motivated to pursue actions that lead to drive reductionThe drive serves to initiate behaviour but doesnt gve directionIncentive Theories External stimuli regulate motivational statesAn incentive is an external goal that has the capacity to motivate behaviourExpectancyvalue models Atkinson and Birch of motivation are incentive theories that say you cant always achieve your goal A persons motivation will depend on1 Expectancy about ones chance of attaining the goal2 the value of the desired incentive Evolutionary TheoriesHuman motives are a product of evolution this is why it explains motives such as affiliation achievement dominance aggression and sexdriveRange of Human Motives Most theories except evolutionary diffirentiate between biological motives and social motivesBiological needs essentials to survive and there are 1015 of them Social needs Henry Murray said everyone has a need for achievement autonomy domianance and order and people have unlimited social needs and we learn them through learning and socialization Brain Regulation in Feeling HungryThe brain regulates hunger and it is controlled by the Lateral hypothalamus and ventromedial nuclues of the hypothalumsLH leisioned meant no hunger and leisioned VMH meant excessive eating Glucose and HungerJean Mayer said hunger is regulated by the rise and fall of blood glucose levelsGlucostatic theory said that flucations in blood glucose level is montoried by glucostats which are neurons sensitive to gluose in the surrounding fluidHormonal Regulation of HungerInsulin is a horomone secreted and it is used to break down glucose from the blood
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