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Stress and Coping and Personality Tests.docx

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PSYC 1002
Caleb Lloyd

Psychology – February 28 Personality Tests – type of tests Tests that say more about the person giving the test as opposed to the person taking the test  Rorschach  Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Tests that categorize humans into a few small boxes  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator & its variations Self-report questionnaires  MMPI  NEO-PI-R & HEXACO-PI Projective tests (Rorschach & TAT)  Idea that the ways we create meaning in a neutral (meaningless) stimulus is highly unique Rorschach  Not concerned with what individuals saw, but how they saw it; space, movement, color were more important than objects  Comprehensive System allows it to be reliable, but no claims of validity are backed by evidence  Regularly taught in APA approved clinical graduate programs, used by licenced psychologists  Depending on the tester, very different results Thematic Apperception Test  You’re given a picture, told to ‘tell the story’ of and behind it, explain what’s going on, etc., then the psychologist breaks that down  Idea that stories told to explain a picture offered deep insights unknown to the individual  Test creators felt individuals shold not be told test results because they “couldn’t handle the truth about themselves” MMPI  504 forced-choice yes/no questions  “are you critical of others” , “do you daydream frequently?” “There is something wrong with my sex organs” , “I would like to belong to a motorcycle club”  Very personal, very random, lots of double negatives, lots of 1950’s lingo Stress, Coping, and Health
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