PSYC 2001 Study Guide - Simple Random Sample, Operational Definition, Face Validity

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30 Jun 2014

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Midterm 1 study guide: you need to be able to identify, define, provide examples of, and apply the following concepts, methods of knowing, method of tenacity: people who accept information based on faith. This is a variant: method of intuition, method of authority, method of faith: Information accepted based on a gut feeling. a person relies on information from an expert in subject area. it involves holding onto methods or ideas simply because they have been accepted as such for a long time. Also because of superstition. of method of authority. reasoning. All 3 year old children are afraid of the dark, amy is 3 years old, amy is afraid of the dark. Logical conclusion is only good if the premise has all the information: empirical method: obtain knowledge, rational method: Uses observation or the senses to: induction: an inference that builds a general explanation based on a subset of observations.