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PSYC 2001
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Chapter 1 pp819FOUR SCIENTIFIC CYCLESFirst is give and take between theory and data Scientists test theories through research and in turn adapt their theories based on data that result from researchgive and take between applied research which directly targets real world problems and basic research which is intended to contribute to the general body of knowledgepsychologists write up results of research for other scientists submit them to journals for review and respond to the opinions of other scientistsfindings of psychological research are sometimes reported in popular mediaTHEORY DATA CYCLEfirst you ask particular series of questions guided by theory about how cells workquestions you asked reflected your theory that cells operate by using electrical currentsbecause you were operating under belief you chose not to ask other kinds of questionsyour questions lead you to specific predictions which you tested by collecting dataset up situation to test predictionif initial prediction is wrong you reformulate and redo cycleCONTACT COMFORT THEORY VS CUPBOARD THEORYcupboard theory of mother infant attachment mother is valuable to baby mammal because shes a source of food over time sight of mother associated with pleasure and therefore positive valueHarlow says hunger ha
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