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Carleton University
PSYC 2001

Final Exam NotesBIOL 1103Chapter 10 Genetic Recombination1Two molecules of DNA with similar sequence are brought into close proximity2Enzymes nick the DNA backbones exchange the ends and reattach them3In this case the final result is two recombined DNA moleculesMechanism of Genetic RecombinationRequires 2 DNA molecules that differ from one another in at least 2 placesHomology allows DNA on different molecules to line up and recombine preciselyEnzymatic cutting and pasting of both DNA backbones from each of the 2 DNA molecules is required for recombination2 circular molecules fuse togetherBasically recombination is when parts of two chromosome switch with each other So they are basically crossing over like AA and BB become AB and BAGenetic Recombination in BacteriaThree primary mechanisms to bring DNA into bacterial cells from the outside1Conjugationbrings DNA of two cells into close proximitySex pilus and cytoplasmic bridge connects two bacteria2TransformationCells of some species absorb pieces of DNA released from cells that have been disintegrated3TransductionDNA is transferred from one cell to another by mistake inside the head of an infecting virusLederberg and Tatum had an experiment to see if recombination occurred in bacteria as wellIt was found that it occurs they used EColi as their experimentSome bacteria genetically reshuffleoGenes are transferred from one to anotherBacteria can be grown on minimal medium water organic C salts with NEColi with mutagens no longer grows on minimal medium If combined strains grew on minimal medium then recombination occursoSeveral hundred out of 100 million grewPrototrophs Strains that are able to synthesize amino acidsAuxotroph Mutant strains that are unable to synthesize amino acidsReplica Plating identifies and counts genetic recombination in bacterial colonies Complete medium has full complement of nutrient substancesAuxotrophic mutants will not grow on media missing nutrients
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