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Post midterm material CLASSOct19Communicating research resultsCommunication is important because it allows others to replicate and build off of a researchers work to advance theory or develop an applied solutionoResearch is reported in a variety of formats in a variety of contextstalks posters and research reports Most commondiscussed in universities presented at international conferences or published for everyone to see Research reportsuniversity class projectsthesis undergraduate or graduatewithin or between governmental or private organizationsresearch projects that are submitted to journals for publicationThe type that we will be focussing on is the research report for psychology journalsThe APA format is the style that psychologists use to communicate their resultsAPAAmerican Psychological AssociationAPA is constantly evolving to better communicate results in a clear efficient and unbiased fashionAPA style formalthe language should be unbiasedpublished work should be citedI will show you an actual research report submitted to a journal for review and describe the componentsEg HarasymchukFehr 2012The research report went through the peerreview cycle and the journal to journalism cycleThe initial research does not necessarily turn out to be the finished product Journalism can modify the finding to fit into their words Research claims from the news Eat chocolate win the Nobel PrizeDrink wine and whine less about your healthNot enough sleep Why you may be getting fatter and sickerFinding research claimsRemember you dont just want to take any research claim that you read or hear as truth You want to be able to assess the quality of the claim As a general rule it is best to look for primary sources of research claimsPrimary sourceFirst hand report of results or observationsEg journal article or book Secondary sourceDescription or summary of someones workEg media report of a studyHow do you find primary sources in psychologyUsing Psychinfo database is a common way to find primary sources fromoJournal articlesoBooksedited chaptersoThesesWhat is it like to read research claimsWhat does an article look likeAbstractSummary of report150250 wordsWhat does an article look likeIntroductionsituate research question in larger literature background literatureoCite existing work in the areaProvide rationale and purpose for research study ie describe what is missing in the literature and how the present study will advance knowledge List the hypotheses May be more than one Primary sourceFirst hand report of results or observationsEg journal article or book Secondary sourceDescription or summary of someones workEg media report of a study Eg introduction in journal that refers to another researchers researchMethodProvide a detailed description of what was donerecipe for the studyparticipant characteristics onumber mean age reported cultural background and so on materials and apparatuses used oeg questionnaires heart rate monitor hot sauce scale Wii game and so on procedure describe the setupResultsSummary of the data and data analysis techniquesEg oMeans median modes correlations standard deviation alpha level t tests F tests chisquare testsDiscussionSummarize the results and discuss the implications and limitations of the findingsReferencesAll references cited in research reportListed alphabetically by the last name of the first authorWhat do references look like in the main body of the paperExamplesIn parantheses at the endHowever in recent years scholars have suggested that dissatisfaction can result not only from the presence of negativity in a relationship but also from the loss of positivity GableReis 2001In the textIndeed Aron and Aron 1986 have claimed that boredom is the major underrated undertreated obstacle to lasting love p 91Tables and FiguresClassOct24Tools for evaluating causal claimsWhen a researcher makes causal claims he or she can use words like an experiment needs to be done in order to give a causal claimoCausesoAffects oMakesoInfluencesExperiments allow researchers to assess causal claimsFeatures of an experimentIndependent variable IV At least one variable is manipulated or varied by the experimenterVarieties of independent variablesSituationaloDifferent features of the environmentEg lighting experimenters gender Number of pieces of litter in room gun vs badminton racket present re green or black ink on questionnaireTaskoAsked to do different tasksEg asked to play violent videogame vs asked to play TetrisInstructionaloAsked different groups of participants to perform the same task in different waysEg asked to focus on facts vs asked to imagine how it feels in that situationIn a typical psychology experiment there are at least two levels of an independent variableEg Independent variable Lightingo2 levels dark and normally litThere does not just have to be 2 levels there can be 3 4 5 6 and so on Eg tactile temperature
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