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PSYC 2301
Patrick Hill

HEALTH PYSCHOLOGY FINAL LECTURE 13-PERSONALITY Personality: how you act when around different people and across different circumstances. McAdams & Pals (2006) suggests 3 different levels  Dispositional traits: broad differences in how we think, feel and behave that demonstrate some consistency across time and situations  Characteristic adaptations: more specific motives and cognitions that are contextualized within certain situations and roles (goals, values, coping…)  Interactive life narratives: internalizing and evolving life stories, which connect the past and future to provide a person’s life with meaning and identity ▪ All three are influenced both by human nature and by one’s cultural expectations Five Broad Domains  Extraversion—gregarious, assertive, position, sensation seeking  Agreeableness—trusting, trustworthy, modest and cooperative  Conscientiousness—industrious, organized, self-controlled, deliberative  Neuroticism—anxious, depressed, vulnerable and hostile  Openness to experience—imaginative, artistic, intellectual, likes new things and ideas LECTURE 14-HEALTH CARE USE Issues of Non-adherence  Difficulties changing habits, complicated instructions or regimens, length of treatment, expense, potential negative side effects  Kaplan & Simon: Rational nonadherance ▪ Medicine not working, side effects worse than illness, costs, may be ‘cured’ and want to see whether illness persists  Kravitz & Melnikow ▪ Is 100% adherence always necessary? ▪ There are situations where greater adherence does lead to poorer outcomes ▪ Consider placebo effects related to positive outcomes LECTURE 15-PATIENT PROVIDER RELATIONS Cochrane and patient satisfaction  Effectiveness: did it improve one’s health?  Efficiency: did the ends justify the means?  Equality: does everyone have equal access to the specific treatment or service Patient Determinants  Occurrence: event that actually took place  Value: whether the experience was good or bad  Expectations: beliefs that certain outcomes are probable in the situation  Interpersonal comparisons: whether the service stacked up against what others have reported  Entitlement: how justified one is in expecting
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