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PSYC 2400
Jenelle Power

Psychopathy 2 Psychopathy and Sexual Violence - Psychopathy is weakly associated with sexual offenses - Study of 60 rapists • Psychopathy was related to:  Number of previous offenses (not sexual number of sexual offences)  Vindictive & opportunistic - Offenders who commit sexual homicide score higher on psychopathy Psychopathy and Sexual Homicides - Sexual homicide • Homicides with a sexual component - Most psychopathic (for sexual homicide) - Related to overkill, enjoyment from hurting victim • Enjoy killing and hurting people. More likely to engage in torture - Sexual sadism • Sexually aroused by fantasies, urges, or acts of inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation Psychopathy and Violence - Psychopaths make up a small proportion of the population but account for a large proportion of all crime committed - Psychopaths: • Start their criminal careers younger • Persist longer and commit a greater variety of crime  Start committing crimes earlier than others and desist later • Engage in more violent crime • More likely to reoffend - Psychopathic violence is more likely to be: • Predatory  Good at identifying who is vulnerable and how they can get away with things • Instrumental  Not heat of the moment crimes. Killing for external reward (ex: for money) • Callous • Calculated • Not reactive in nature • Target strangers • Vindictive or opportunistic Motives for Murder (Woodworth & Porter, 2002) - 135 Canadian murderers - Classified as: • Reactive- crime of passion, provoked, unplanned • Instrumental- planned, had a goal, “cold-blooded murder” - One person coded files - Another person assessed individual GRAPH - The higher the score on the PLC-R, the more the murders were instrumental. - Psychopaths were most likely to commit instrumental murders Moral Dilemmas & Psychopaths (Bartels & Pizarro, 2011) - Gave 14 moral vignettes to 208 undergraduates - Response coded as utilitarian or deontological • Utilitarian- rational, greater good • Deontological- gut reaction of what is right, following the rules/moral code Moral Dilemmas examples - In the path of a runaway train car are five railway workmen who will surely be killed unless you, a bystander, do something. You are standing on a pedestrian walkway that arches over the tracks next to a large stranger. Your body would be too light to stop the train, but if you push the stranger onto the tracks, killing him, his large body will stop the train. • Utilitarian- kill the one man - Enemy soldiers have taken over your village and will kill all remaining civilians. You and five others are hiding in the cellar of a large house. Soldiers have come to search the house for valuables. A baby in your group begins to cry. So, you cover her mouth, but she cannot breathe. If you remove your hand, the baby can breathe, but her crying will summon the soldiers who will kill everyone in the cellar. • Deontological- know killing the baby is wrong and can’t do it because you’d be the one committing the wrongful act Results & Conclusions - Individuals with psychopathic traits are more likely to endorse rational choices to moral dilemmas (choose utilitarian over deontological) - In-line with research suggesting impairments in emotional reactions - Could be adaptive in some situations Psychopaths in the Community - Psychopathy is rare in the community - Coid et al. (2009) • 71% of the sample scored 0 (0= no psychopathic traits) • 1 person above the cut-off score University Students & Subclinical Psychopaths - Students who scored higher on psychopathy were more likely to defraud the experimenter - Students owning vicious dogs were more likely to report criminal behaviors - Psychopathy predicted cheating on exams - Scoring higher doesn’t mean they have to meet the 30+ cut-off for psychopathy, just a higher score than others - Not all violent offenders, but some psychopaths just engage in less moral behavior Corporate Psychopaths - Most research on psychopaths has been with violent offenders - Study of 203 corporate professionals • Average score was 3.6 (relatively average score) • Found that 5% scored at or above cut-off for psychopathy (higher than average community) When psychopaths go to work: Acase study of an industrial psychopath - Very impressive in the interview • Everyone who interviewed him in the office kept pointing back to this one guy- well educated, good family, etc... - Positive impression on people in the office • Very nice to the people he knew could help him, so they thought good of him • He knew how to manipulate people - Disruptive behaviors • If they didn’t behave how he wanted, he was very volatile towards them - Appearance of doing more/better work than he actually was • He talked his way into a promotion Psychopathy and Law Enforcement - Psychopathic suspects are difficult to interrogate because they: • Try to outwit • Attempt to control the interrogation • Will not be fooled by bluffs • Enjoy being the focus of investigation • Attempt to shock- use graphic detail in explaining their crimes to see reaction - Like to draw a lot of media attention towards themselves so it’s hard to conduct a proper investigation Psychopathy & Treatment - What do we treat? - If you don’t think anything is wrong with you or your behavior, why would you want to change? - Not popular patients - Very good at learning what they should be saying, so hard to assess if they’ve actually been treated David Michael Krueger (Peter Woodcock) - Mind of a Murderer: Mask of Sanity - Age 17- murdered 2 little boys and a little girl - Got diagnosed as a psychopath as a teen - Therapeutic community • People in therapy help treat each other; no real involvement with a mental health professional - Treatment was non-voluntary (had to go back then) - Learned more in treatment of how to be
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