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FORENSIC REVIEWCHILD VICTIMS AND WITNESS CHAPTER 6goalschildrens recall abilities interviewing techniques with childrencan children accurately identify suspects in a lineupRecall memorychildren recall fewer descriptors than adultsAge 6 to 71 descriptorAge 10 to 11 221 descriptorsAdults 18 and older8 descriptorsMost likely report exterior items Interior features less frequent and more problematicMore difficulty with height weight and ageWhyChildren EyewitnessessChildren provide less detailed information but are as accurate Suggestibilitythe degree to which childrens testimony can be influencedchildren are most likely to be influenced by misleading informationRepeating questionsChildren asked the same question accuracy dropsRapportchild is more likely to give incorrect information to misleadingsuggestive questions in warm supportive atmosphere by adultsFormat of questions does matterSam Stone Study Leichtman and Cici 19953 and 4 year olds vs 5 and 6 year oldsstranger came to visit daycare 2minsConditionscontrolstereotypesuggestionstereotype and suggestion ADD MORE FROM TEXTInterview Techniques1Anatomically detailed dollsassumed to allow children to give information they would not provide orally problemsresearch does not support this assumption No standardization of dolls or how to assess a childs behavior with the dolls2criterionbased content analysis CBCAGeneral Characteristics 3 criteria1logical structureunstructured productionquantity of detailsSpecific content 10 criteriareproduction of speechunexpected complication accurately reported detail misundnerstoodMotivationrelated content 5 criteriaspontaneous correctionadmitting lack of memoryOffenserelated elements 1criteriadetails characteristics of offense progression3stepwise InterviewRapport and discussion of truthAssessment of cognitiveverbal skillsIntroduction topic of concerndo you know why you are talking with me todayhas anything happened to you which you would like to tell mefree narrativereport everythingquestioning phasegeneralspecificInterview aids drawing puppets dollsUdo Undeutsch statements that are the product of experience will contain characteristics that are generally absent from statements that are the product of imaginationLabStudyYuille 1988stellar 198969 year olds in BCtell true store given false story to telltype of storiesdirectly involvednegative emotional stateloss of controlResults11 of CBCA criteria more often seen in true stories as compared to false stories 83 of true stories identified58 of false stories identifiedField study Lamb et al 199798 alleged victims of child sexual abuseground truth based on independent evidenceconfirmed group n76doubtful group n13Questionable group n9excludedResults14 of the CBCA criteria scoredconfirmed M672
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