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PSYC2400D_Forensic Psychology_Craig Bennell_Winter 2011( Full Sets of Lecture Notes, Enjoy)

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PSYC 2400
Craig Bennell

Forensic Psychology Lecture 1 Definitions of Forensic Psychology 1 ABFPAPLS 1995The professional practice by psychologists within the areas of clinical psychology counseling psychology neuropsychology and school psychology when they are engaged regularly as experts and represent themselves as such in an activity primarily intended to provide professional expertise to the judicial system 2 Weiner 1997Issues arising out of the relationship between human behaviour and the law legal system and legal process 3 Bartol and Bartol 1987A research endeavorA professional practice Psychology Versus LawHaney 1980Psychology and the lawUse of psychology to examine the operation of the legal system o Eg Are eye witnesses useful Do certain questions lead to false confessionsPsychology in the lawUse of psychology in the legal systems as that system operatesPsychology of the lawPsychology to examine the law itself o Eg What role should the police play in domestic disputes Does law reduce crime in society Psychology Versus Law Hess 1999 Psychology Law 1 Knowledge 1 Research 1 Stare decisis 2 Methodology2 Nomothetic2 Idiographic 3 Epistemology3 Experiments3 Adversarial 4 Criteria 4 Strict 4 Lenient 5 Nature 5 Descriptive 5 Prescriptive 6 Principles 6 Multiple 6 Single 7 Latitude 7 Limited 7 Unlimited History of Forensic Psychology Weiner and Hess 1987The beginningForensic psychology in NAForensic psychology in the CJSForensic psychology in the courtsForensic psychology in law schoolsPeriod of rapid growth The Beginning Cattell 1893Psychology of testimonyApples and horsesAnswers were often inaccurateDifferences in levels of confidenceWhat is wrong with this study Stern and Liszt 1910Classroom encounterAnswers often inaccurateEmotions reduce recall accuracy Von SchrenckNotzing 1896German expert witnessExtensive pretrial press coverageRetroactive memory falsificationWhat we see vs what is reported Forensic Psychology in NA Munsterberg 1908On the Witness StandPsychology and the legal systemResistance from legal scholarsPushed psychology into legal arena Forensic Psychology in the CJS Fernald and Healy 1909First clinic for delinquentsJuvenile Psychopathic InstituteDiagnosis treatment research 1913Psychological services in prison 1916Psychological services for police 1917Tests for personnel selection Forensic Psychology in the Courts Varendonck 1911Belgian murder trialChildren giving different evidenceShowed inaccurate recall in children Marbe 1911Provides testimony in civil trialInvolved train wreckConducted reaction time studies Forensic Psychology in Law Schools Marston 1922First professor of legal psychologyResearch on lie detection Period of Rapid GrowthRapid growth in post war periodCourt casesPsychological theories Court Case 1 People v HawthorneStandard for determining expert status is not a medical degree but extent of knowledge Court Case 2 Brown v Board of EducationPsychologists submitted brief outlining detrimental effects of segregation Psychological TheoriesPsychodynamic theories BowlbyAttempt to explain criminal conduct by focusing on dynamic internal forces within people and the importance of early childhood events and experience
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