PSYC 2500 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Tabula Rasa, Moral Agency, Labin

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Plato and aristotle believed schools and parents had responsibility for teaching children self-control. Believed too much self-discipline would stifle children"s initiative and individuality, making them. Plato argued children are born with innate knowledge of concrete objects (such as animals/people) and of abstractions (such as courage and love) experiences trigger knowledge they have had since birth. Aristotle argues children acquire information piece by piece through experience (born with a blank slate) John lock claimed children are born blank slate & experience molds individual into unique person and parents should instruct, reward, and discipline young children gradually. Jean-jacques rousseau believes children were born with innate sense if justice and morality that unfolds as the child grows, says parents should be responsive and receptive to child"s needs. Baby biographies: detailed systematic observations of individual children: stanley hall: generated theories of child development based on evolutionary theory and. Alfred binet: begun to devise first mental tests.