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Self ControlBeginnings of SCAt 1 yr infants are first aware that others impose demands on them2 yrs internalized some controlsAge 3 can devise plans to regulate their behDuring school kids become better able to control their behChildren differ in their SC but individuals are fairly consistent over time preschoolers who have good SC tend to become adolescents and adults with good SCInfluences on SCKids who have the best sc tend to have parents who are loving set limits and discuss discipline with themWhen parents are overly strict their kids have less sc not moreTemperament helps determine how parents influence their kids scWith temperamentally fearful kids gentle reminders are effective with fearless kids parents should appeal to the attachment relationshipEmotional toddlers and preschoolers have less scImproving Kids SCKids are better able to regulate their own beh when they have plans to help them remember the importance of the goal and something to distract them from tempting objectsReasoning about Moral IssuesPiagets View57 yrs in
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