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Emerging EmotionsThe Function of EmotionsModern theories emphasize the function value of emotionEmotions like fear happiness and disgust are valuable because they help people adapt keeping them away from danger and strengthening social relationshipsExperiencing and Expressing EmotionsScientists often use infants facial expressions to judge when different emotional states emerge in developmentstBasic emotions joy anger fear emerge in 1 yrFear first appears in infancy as stranger warinessComplex emotions have an evaluative component and include guilt embarrassment and pride Appear between 1824 mths and require more sophisticated cog skills than basic emotionsCultures differ in the rules for expressing emotions and the situations that elicit particular emotionsRecognizing and Using Others EmotionsBy 6mths infants have begun to recognize the emotions associated with different facial expressionsThey use this info to help them evaluate unfamiliar situationsBeyond infancy kids understand the causes and consequences of different emotions that people can feel multiple emotions simultaneously and the rules for displaying emotions appropriatelyRegulating Emotions
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