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Self Concept Who Am IOrigins of SelfRecognition15mths infants begin to recognize themselves in the mirror and begin to prefer to look at pictures of themselves refer to themselves by name and with personal pronouns and sometimes to know their age and genderBy 2 yrs most children have the rudiments of selfawarenessAwareness of self extends understanding of ownershipSelf concept comes from self awarenessThe Evolving SelfConceptPreschoolers often define themselves in terms of observable characteristics like possessions physical characteristics preferences and competenciesDuring elementary self concept begins to include emotions social grous and comparisons with peersoMore likely to describe themselves in terms of family relationshipsAdolescence self concept includes attitudes personality traits beliefs and future plans is likely to include family and kinshipAdolescents selfconcepts are more abstract more psychological and more future oriented than selfconcepts in younger childrenSearch for IdentityDiffusion and foreclosure are more common in early adolescence moratorium and achievement are more common in late adolescence and young adulthoodAdolescents are most likely to achieve an identity when parents encourage discussion a
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