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Psychology 2600Midterm 1 Review SheetNOTEThis is intended as a general guide to help focus your studying effortsYou are still responsible for reading the assigned chapters and attending the lecturesThere will be questions on the midterms and the final exam that cover material from the textbook and from the lecturesNot everything in the textbook is in the lectures and not everything in the lectures is in the textbookHowever if something was in the textbook and in the lectures you only need to know it at the level of depth that we discussed in class General TipsThere will not be questions that test knowledge of datesAny little trivial boxes or applied studies in the textbook are not on the testAny examples practice activities or classmate comments are not on the testThis test should do TWO things1Test you on the core concepts you will need to further your education in psychology That is the test will focus on the main topics I hope you will retain after this coursenot the trivial details of individual studies or side stories2Be challenging enough to be worthy of university creditStudents who are not taking this class and never watched a lecture should not be able to pass this examHowever if you understand the core concepts and can understand most of the main ideas then you should perform well on this testWhat is personalityTraitsMechanisms biasesContextual consistencyOrganizedAverage tendenciesPersonenvironment interactionsAdaptations3 level of personality analysis Human NatureIndividual and Group DifferencesIndividual uniquenessGrand Theory of PersonalityContemporary research in personalitySix domains in personality psychology researchDispositional DomainBiological DomainIntrapsychic DomainCognitiveExperiential DomainSocial and Cultural DomainAdjustment DomainMethods for Selecting Traits LexicalStatistical
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