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Carleton University
PSYC 2600

75 mc56 short answer questionsChapter 11 What is the need for achievement how do we measure it thematic apperception testWhat is the need for power and intimacy Gender differences in each of those there are gender differences in only 1How do we view development according to Maslow Can we skip a step in the pyramid or not Which are the base needs Criticism of maslows theory is that he didnt find anyone who will self actualizeRogershis concept of anxiety different from freuds What is conditional positive regard and what is unconditional positive regard Which is better for the development of selfconcept and selfactualization Chapter 12 Field dependence and independence Pain tolerance theory of pain tolerance what does it say about peoples nervous systems and personalities what are the behavioral manifestations of an augmenter vs a reducerWhat is postmodernismWhat is a construct Why is it difficult to changeWhat is external control internal controlParty personality Learned helplessnessstudy with the dogshow does this generalize in human populationsAchievement viewChapter 13Emotion and personalityWhat is an emotional state and emotional trait How do we distinguish between them Examples Definition How do we measure themHow do we study and organize emotions 2 main approaches Pros and cons of each one contrast and compare themWhat is the content and the style of emotional life4 combinations that give rise to a particular personality typeWhat determines happiness What are the two most predictive traits from the big five factor model in predicting happiness or subjective well beingIndirect and direct model of personality and wellbeing
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