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PSYC 2700 Study Guide - Final Guide: Psychopathy

Course Code
PSYC 2700
Rebecca Mugford
Study Guide

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1. List and describe 2 of the main approaches for carrying out risk
assessment (2 points) and provide 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages
associated with each approach (2 points). (4 points)
1) Actuarial
a. Advantages
i. Consistent
ii. High level of accuracy
b. Disadvantages
i. Nomethetic
ii. Static Risk Factors only
2) Unstructured Interview
a. Advantages
i. Flexible
ii. Idiographic
b. Disadvantages
i. Disparity
ii. Low levels of accuracy
2. Based on your psychopathy lecture, provide 2 reasons why we should
focus our treatment e!orts on non-psychopathic o!enders instead of
psychopathic o!enders. (4 points)
1. Psychopaths are harder to treat because of genetic factors
2. We still don’t fully know how to treat them and we can just make them worse
3. List the 2 di!erent types of research methods that are commonly used
to study sentencing disparity (2 points). List 1 advantage and 1
disadvantage associated with each type of research method (2 points). (4
1) Simulation Studies (most common)
Advantage: Cause and E/ect can be studied
Disadvantage: Not very Externally Valid
2) Statistic Examination
A: High external Validity
Low Internal Validity
4. Describe 2 ways that %tness to stand trial is di!erent from criminal
responsibility (2 points) and 2 ways that they are the same (2 points). (4
2 Di/erences
1) Fitness to stand trial involves the defendants mental state at
the time of
the trial,
while Criminal responsibility refers to the defendants state of
mind at the
time of the o/ence
2) Fitness to Stand trial involves the defendants ability to understand court
prceedings and contribute to his defence, while Criminal Responsibility
involves the defendants capacity to tell right from wrong and understand
the nature of crime while it was being committed
2 Similarities
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