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In parkinsons disease you see a degeneration of these neurons.docx

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Carleton University
PSYC 2800

In parkinsons disease you see a degeneration of these neuronsif we want to diagnose somebody postmartimewe might section their brain and see if thesecell bodies are gone we have animal models of parkinsonswhere we might inject them with neuro toxins where we know they kill of these dopamine neurons and we can see if these neurons are gone if we cacrfiice these animals and slice up their brainSlide 6Left loss of cells turn black in the patient with parkinsons diseaseNissel StainGolgi StainSlide 7Differenttechniquesstain axons retrograde and anteriorgrade trace where cells come from and where they are goingMethods in behavioural Neursciencemelding of psycology biolodym anatomyStudy of the biological basis of behaviorIncludes study of both human and laboratory animalsMajor challenge is to develop methods for studying both normal and abnormal behaviorSocial neuroscientist Interpret test to measure their behavior tension depression parkinsons challenege trying to develop models and tests of behaviorEthologystudy of animal behavior niki carl wins take the techniques in ethology and apply them to humansMorris water mase special memory in rats it doesnt make sense to start them out in loeb to go to uni centre develop test to measurespacal learning for rats to swim in tank developed in 1980 Mik morris kid swimming pools put in lab and put non toxic paint that white makes water opaque u hide a platform learn to navigate to that platform in the room you have ques floatation device windowDivide the pool in the 4 sides of campus put animalin north start swimming exterior of maze and shows thegmatastic behavior its hugging the walls then swim towards the middle and find the platformRandomize where the starting point of the animal is over time what your measuring is your dependent variable is the latency to find platform measures spcal learningIts a valid way to measure special learning because we know if we destroy parts of the brain that are involded in spcial learning like the hippocampus in humans the animals will never learn how to do the morris water maze If u inject them with drugs that block neurotransmitters that are critical in learning and memory the animal wil show dfecit Its got validaty and manipulation in humansthat destroy spcal learning also happens in morris water mase
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