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How Do We Learn and RememberConnecting Learning and MemoryoLearningA change in an organisms behaviour as a result of experienceCan be measured the same way in humans and animalsoMemoryThe ability to recall or recognize previous experience It is the persistence of learning in animalsMemory TraceA mental representation of a previous experiencePresumed to correspond to some physical change in the brainPavlovian ConditioningoClassical ConditioningLearning procedure whereby a neutral stimulus such as a tone comes to elicit a response because of its repeated pairing with some event such as the delivery of food also called respondent conditioning or Pavlovian ConditioningUnconditioned Stimulus UCS Stimulus that evokes an unconditioned response withing previous conditioningEx Meat PowderUnconditioned Response UCR Unlearned reaction to an unconditioned stimulus that occurs without previous conditioning Ex SalivationConditioned Stimulus CS Previously neutral stimulus that has through conditioning acquired the capacity to evoke a conditioned response Ex Tone or Visual ImageConditioned Response CRLearned reaction to a conditioned stimulus that occurs because of previous conditioning Ex Salivation craving for coffee tummy rumbling UCS FoodUCR Salivate CS ToneUCS FoodUCR Salivate CS ToneCR SalivateEye Blink ConditioningoCommonly used experimental technique in which subjects learn to pair a formely neutral stimulus o a defensive eyeblinking responseoPuff of air is paired with an Audio Tone oThe Trigeminal Nucleus and the Cranial Motor Nuclei are part of the brainstem and are linked to the cerebellum oIf you repeated to pair the two neural pathways with the eye blink the Synapse T becomes stronger oOnce it is strongly paired the tone will elicits an eye blink Fear ConditioningoA learned association a conditioned emotional response between a neutral stimulus and a noxious event such as shock fear etc
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