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Carleton University
PSYC 3000
Bruce Hutcheon

PSYC 3207 Human NeuropsychologyMock Midterm ExaminationNAME Student Nominal examination time 15 hrsINSTRUCTIONSWrite your Name and Student number on your Answer Booklet Place the question number to the immediate left of where you start the answer to a given question If you cross to a new page place the question number to the immediate left of where you resume Each answer is awarded up to 10 points The maximum score on the exam is 100 points The answer to each question is will be a couple of paragraphs consisting of legible concise simple and complete English sentences Where appropriate a properly labeled drawing may be includedWhere indicated at the beginning of a question you may answer using point form formatMarking SchemeWe mark your answer booklet until you either reach the maximum score 100 points or we run out of questions to markHand in the exam questions and your answer booklets when you leave the exam roomQuestions 1 10 points Describe each of the generic layers of mammalian isocortex including the typical neurons found in each and their inputoutput relationships to other brain regions 2 10 points Point form OK List 5 phenomena that correlate with increased cortical metabolism 3 10 points Point form OK Compare and contrast isocortex and allocortex 4 10 points Point form OK list 10 cortical regions containing polymodal neurons ie neurons that respond to more than one sensory modality 5 10 points Discuss the term functional modularity as it applies to cortex 6 10 points Describe diffusion tensor imaging DTI and discuss what it can tell us about brain function that more classical neuroimaging methods cannot 7 10 points Radiographs and tomographs both use Xrays in the process of generating an image Compare and contrast the two methods of imaging
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