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The scientific study of people and their behaviour in sport and exercise contexts and practical application of that knowledge. An interdisciplinary scientific and applied field that embraces the integration of sport sciences and psychological knowledge. Academic context: sports psychology falls under kinesiology along with; Early years (1895-1920: norman triplett (1898) Looked at the social influence and performance. Performance increased with the presence of other competitors. Griffith era (1921-1938: coleman griffith father of north american sports psychology . Looked at learning, personality, flexibility and reaction times. Opened the 1st north american lab dedicated to sp (university of illinois) Worked with notre dame football and chicago cubs. Enough practice will make an action automatic. Focuses on relaxation and optimizing performance (boxers and pilots: first international society of sports performance (1965) Establishing academic sports psychology (1978-1999: the growing development of research programs, grad courses and specialized organizations, bruce ogilvie (father of north american applied sports psychology) and tutko.