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PSYC 3402 A Criminal Behaviour exam notes.doc

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Carleton University
PSYC 3402

PSYC 3402 A CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR EXAM STUDY NOTESNotes from AFTER first midtermend of course SET 1 week of Oct 22Please note that final examination is cumulativeMENTALLY DISORDERED OFFENDERSClicker Questions and AnswersMentally ill individuals are more likely to commit crimes that a community sampleFALSEThe majority of MDOs hear voices to commit crimesFALSEMDOs are at a much higher risk to reoffend than other offendersFALSE MDOs are at greater risk when acute symptoms are presentTRUE Mentally ill individuals who commit crimes go to a psychiatric hospital NOT prisonFALSE Psychopathy is a mental illnessFALSE psychopathy not listed win the DSMMDOMentally Disordered OffenderIndividuals who have come into contact with the justice system who also have a mental disorderIncludes those found unfit to stand trialnot criminally responsible NCRMDseriously mentally ill offendersPENROSES LAWTheof people in the mentalhealthcorrections systems is a constantNowadays people displaying acute mental illness symptoms should NOT be going to jail but still arepolice need specialized training on how to deal with these peopleHow Different are the Populations50 of MDOs NCRMD NFST have prior courtcorrections exposure12 of newly admitted offenders report serious mental disorders 13 aborig 21 women2340 offenders with serious mental health disorders 12 700 incarcerated 6800 in community 600 beds to provide services to mentally ill 150 per prison population s are clearly inadequate for service neededMDOs hugely overrepresented in prison populationMental health symptoms can be PROTECTIVE only when acute symptoms are not displayedRates of mental health relatively low in community but exponentially higher in prison populations
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