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Carleton University
PSYC 3405

Motivation and Emotion Midterm 1Chapters 14 6 Lecture 2Chapter 13Motivation has variation sometimes motivating less with different parts of lifeGrand theories Not looking at single components overs everything EX Just looking at what causes motivation as a whole Theory of the Will Descartes We had mind reason choice etc which differed from animals yet we understood motivation by looking at animals We do have needs and drives like animals but we also use our mind which includes reason and logicDescartes said body was material We could will voluntary behaviorHe believed the pineal gland would fill muscles with water and make us do voluntary behaviorsBelieved will was what motivated us Will to mean that we had soul reason and choice Problem Now we have to explain 2 concepts will and motivation We dont understand what will is Is it innateTheory of Instinct DarwinWill power is denial and about bettering the self instincts are biologically wired and give rise to motivation inherit instincts in humansProblem Would have to wait for environmental events Which is a passive activity and humans are proactive If this theory was true EVERYTHING we did would be an instinct Becomes a circular debate EX Girl runs away Why Because scared Why Because ran away Drive Theory Freud Hull The idea that we are motivated to make a deprivation in life go away Freud said driving force is anxiety Need doesnt go away so would do something else to fulfill need stay away from problemsFreud Source Body deficitDrive Force AnxietyObject StimulusAim SatisfyHull Excitatory Potential Strength of PotentialHabit x Drive Internal source of motivation x Incentive external source of motivation Incentive manipulates and can change the level of motivation Can be either internal or incentive Motivation can also be solely habit EX Social networking All of the grand theories got negative feedback and are no longer used We now used mini theories to explain many dimensions of the big picture We are dynamic and not passive
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