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History of Judaism Judaism is founded on twoaIsraelite religion under MosesbJudaism established after the Babylonian exile through Ezra which culminated into Rabbinic Judaism Beginnings YHWH Spec ial Name of the God of Israel Yahweh Covenant with Abraham God gave him children in his old age Isaac with Sarah and Ishmael with Hagar Ritual of Circumcision started with Abraham and it is a reminder of the covenant Isaacs son Jacob wrestled with God so he could receive Gods blessings He won the match and was given a new name Israel JacobIsrael and family made their way to Egypt famine His descendants are known as the Hebrews They prospered until they were enslaved by the Hyksos around 17501350 BCE Exodus All Hebrew boys were being killed as a form of population control Moses mother cast him into the Nile where he was found by a princessHe became a fugitive after killing an Egyptian guard who was beating a Hebrew slave While tending to sheep God manifested Himself as a burning bush and told Moses to go to Pharaoh and demand he let the Hebrews go free Moses asked who this God was God revealed His Special Name Yahweh I am who I amNight of Watchingeach Israelite had to slaughter a lamb and put the blood on the door to keep death away as it took each first born of Egyptians Torah and Covenant at Mount SinaiMoses and Hebrews came to Mt Sinaiand the greatest miracle took place God spoke to Moses and the Torah was revealedA covenant was established God would be their God and would bring them to the Holy Landprotect them and they would be the holy people serving Him and obeying Him
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