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RELI 1710 exam review notes

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RELI 1710
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Religion 1710 Exam Review Completed1AbdulBahaEldest son of the Founder of Bahai faith 2ActsName of the bookActs of the Apostles One in the new testamentNarrativeReport to be historicalConcentrate on peter and paul3AdonaiElohimYahwehHebrew names for God4Advent Textbook season of the Christian church year before the celebration of Christmas5AlAshari 874 936Founded speculative Muslim theologyDisciples of the school ash rites6AlGhazali 1058 111 CEgreat thinkerwho synthesized orthodox Islamic thought and Sufism7AliMohammadThe BabFounder of Babism 8Anno Hijra622 CEthe emigration of Muhammad and his followers to the city of Medina in 622 CE9AnsarsCitizens from medina that helped Muhammad10Anselm 10331109 CEScholastic thoughtScholastsUniversity of Paris University of Oxfordphilosophy is the handmaid of theologyI believe so that I may understandReason vs Revelationontological argument ontologythe study of beingGod just IS11ApocalypseName of the bookRevelationComes from Greek term to mean revealSomething is revealed to a seerTour of HeavenCosmic battle between forces of good Jesus and forces of evil Satan 12Apostles CreedTextbook Statement of faith dating from the second century CE universally accepted by Christians13Aquinas 12251274 CETheologian5 Proofs14Aquinas ProofsFirst ProofThe Argument From MotionNothing can move itselfAll things are in motion which means they have been set in motion by something elseThere cannot be infinite regressThereforeThere must be an Unmoved Mover called GodSecond ProofCausation Of ExistenceSome things are created by other thingsNothing can create itselfThere cannot be infinite regressTherefore there must have been an Uncaused Cause called GodThird ProofContingent and Necessary ObjectsNessesary objects must existContingent beings are causedNot every being can be contingentThere must exist a being which is necessary to cause contingent beingsThis necessary being is GodFourth ProofThe Argument From Degrees And PerfectionWe recognise degrees of beauty truth goodness knowledge etcIn order for there to be degrees the perfect form of these things must also existThese perfections are contained in GodFifth ProofThe Argument From Intelligent Designuniverse works in such a way that suggests an intelligent designerFind a watch Clearly someone made it15Ash WednesdayFirst day of lent 16AshuraMuslims fast on this day to commemorate the crossing of the Red Sea by Moses 17Asia Minor Western peninsula of Asia that now constitutes most of modern Turkey
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