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AbdulBahathe son of Bahaullahput forth the interpretations of the sacred writings of his father Book of Certitude and the Most Holy Bookreligion of unitytravelled and lectured in EuropeAmerica spreading the Bahai faith and establishing numerous Assemblies ActsActs of the Apostleswritten by Lukethe gospel story of the risen Christ and the gathering of his followers into the Christian church the real founding of Christianity as a religion AdonaiElohimYahwehthe special name of Israels GodJews of later times adopted the practice of not pronouncing the sacred name of Yahwehsubstitute it with a word like Adonai Lord instead Adventobserve the season of Advent for four weeks before ChristmasAdvent is the beginning of the Christian year commencing also the halfyear cycle in which events from Christs life are celebrateda season of preparationthe worship services bring Christians back to Old Testament times hear the voices of the prophetsprepare their hearts for the coming of the Messiahsome Christians place an Advent wreath with four candles in their homes lighting one additional candle each week in preparation for the nativity of Christ AlAsharitheologian and founder of the school of orthodox theology that bears his nameregarded his vision as authoritative AlGhazalitheologianmysticone of the greatest thinkers in the history of Islamwrote The Confusion of the Philosophersdefended rational theology with his book the Confusion of the Confusion AliMohammad Anno Hijrayearly pilgrimage to MeccaMuhammads trek from Mecca to Medina Ansarsthe helpers Medinan citizens that helped Muhammad on his trek to Medina Anselmbest known for the ontological argument of the existence of God Apocalypsethe Book of RevelationChristian view Apostles Creedthe earliest confession of faith that widely circulated in the early churchcomposed around the year 150emphasized doctrines especially against Gnostic ideas asserting the creation of the world by God Christ as a true man who suffereddied the resurrection of the bodythe final judgment universally accepted by Christians Aquinasthirteenth centurytaught at the universities of Paris and Naplesused a synthesis of PlatoAristotle to create a systemized theology that thhas remained widely influential down to the 20 centuryhe held that philosophy examines the natural order by means of reason whereas theology examines the supernatural by means of revelationphilosophy cannot contradict theology because both are forms of truththeology based on Gods revelation opens up the higher levels of knowledge theology perfects philosophy taking it to realms it cannot penetrate on its ownfelt that humans can discover the existence of God through observationreflection philosophy is available to ALL so it provides a UNIVERSAL basis for reflectiondiscussionwrote the Summa Theologica left incomplete in the last 2 years of his lifethe Summa Theologica is a massive systemized statement of the Christian faith
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