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Religion 1710 Revision JudaismJudaism Its 3000 years old It starts from the call of Abraham and took 2400 years It ranks 7 in the world There is no orthodoxy There is no forced conversion They aim for future salvation Its year 5771 now Patriarch Father1Abraham2Isaac3JacobAbraham god of moneyTorah known as law in Christianity It means a guidance instruction or direction It was interpolated to Midrash a body of writings that explains stories in the Hebrew bible that are now well explained Its the word of god Halakhah Legal storiesHaggadah Aggadah narratives not laws like Moses Tongue Torah is also known as Pentateuch and they are 5 books of Moses Genesis Bereshit which means in the beginning oGen 11 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earthoGen 24 generations of the heavens and the earth when they were createdExodus EgyptLeviticus priestly purity and other commandmentsNumbers from wilderness to CanaanDeuteronomy More laws and the death of MosesHalakhah Religion is Hebrew It means to walk in the right pathTanakh comes from the Torah Neviim and Ketuvim TNKTaNaKTanakh This is also known as the Old Testament It is a body of scriptures Torah Scroll a place for putting the torah Its highly decorated Elohist someone who thinks wellJawhist Refers to god as Adonay ElohimPriestly Purity and certain ritualsDeuteronomist the one who writes the Deuteron
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