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ThSept 10 2013THEORIES OF RELIGIONGeorge Frazer social anthropologist Religion helps explain things otherwise unexplainable AnimismSigmund Freud psychologist Religion exists because of peoples weakness result of psychological distress Emile Durkheim sociologist God is society writ large Religion is the cement of society FunctionalismKarl Marx political philosopher Religion is a tool to fool the poor and oppressed Opium of the massesMircea Eliade historian of religion Religion articulates the difference between sacred and profaneReligionConnectionDin IslamWay path direction walkingHalakhahWay path direction walkingA myth is not a lieMythNarrativeOften with fantastic elementsFoundational to a communityTransmitting valuesRelevant to that communityReligion is the vehicle for transmitting mythHISTORY OF RELIGIONReligion claims to be Eternal ethereal transcendentHistory claims to be Temporal situated and contextualThSept 17 2013WORLD RELIGIONS PERCENTAGES 2007Muslim 2101Hindu 1326Buddhist 584Bahais 012Jews 023Other 1178Nonrel 1177Atheist 232Catholic 1699Protestant 578Orthodox 353Anglican 125Other Christians 577All religions changetimehistoryencounterswarsJudaism or some form has been around since the earliest form of civilizationJudaism despite being a minority in the world today gave birth to Christianity and Islam and is therefore essential to theological historyChristianity and Islam seek to convert often aggressively while Judaism does not They have accepted converts but did not seek to convert this contributes to the small amount of Jews in the world today compared to the former two Other factors include the promotion of Christianity through Constantine and the Holocaust which killed 23 of all Jews HISTORY OF HUMANITY JUDAISMCanaanitesAssyriansEthiopiansBabyloniansPersiansIshmaelitesGreeksPagan RomansChristian RomansMuslim EmpiresWHO IS JEWISHReligious JudaismEthnic JudaismSephardicAshkenaziSince Egyptians days there have been nonreligious Jews who follow the Jewish ways of life Ethnic Jews Sephardic Jews were from Spain and Portugal pushed from Rome of Semitic descent suffering from the rise of Christianity and pushed out with the MuslimsAshkenai From Eastern EuropeOrthodox Rabbinic Judaism A true Jew is one of a Jewish mother Therefore a convert is not Jewish but his children are Jewish no matter what they practice or believeReformed Jew You are a Jew if you say you are Liberal or if one of your parents is Jewish ConservativeIf one relates to Jewish history and selfidentifies as a Jew are they a JewTERMINOLOGYAvoiding Christiancentric terminology BCAD vs BCECEMuslims count time as the years from their escape and with a lunar calendar making this the year 1435 Jews use a solar calendar and count from Creation making this the year 5774Old Testament vs Hebrew BibleTanakh Torah first fi TNK TorahNeviimKetuvimTanakhFive books of the Hebrew Bible BIBLICAL MYTHGenesis 111 Story of creation Adam and Eve Garden of Eden apple and snakeThe Flood and the RainbowTower of Babel separation of languagesCreation by God out of love and the subduing of chaosBIBLICAL LEGEND Starts with Genesis 12AbramAbraham and SarahUrC 19001700 BCEst1 Patriarch of Judaism Christianity AND IslamAbraham and Sarah approached by unknown god to move to a new land promised to be the father of a great nationSettle in Canaan find another civilizationFrom Hagar their servant was born Ishmael because they thought Sarah was too old to bear sons However the god made it possible for Sarah to conceive and she gave birth to IsaacIshmael is firstborn Isaac is true blood two competing heirsSarah evicts Hagar and Ishmael from the house They go to the South and are never seen againIsaacs son Jacob AKA Israelites God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob the three patriarchsIsraelites in EgyptJacob dreams of wrestling with God and is renamed Israel Identities are generally altered through name change after encounter with God Famine in Israel has forced Israelites to settle in EgyptAt first they are welcome and accepted then a new leader becomes suspicious the Israelites are persecuted and enslavedDuring culling of Israelites firstborn boys a mother places her child in a basket upon the river Nile to save his life Saved by Egyptian princess as a youth he realizes he is Jewish One day he kills an Egyptian lord to save a Jewish boy and is exiled he marries some nice lady in the desert
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