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Midterm Notes

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RELI 2510
Richard Mann

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Midterm Notes  Varna~classical traditional view of class, tend not to see varna in operation in history of south asia, clear division of duties, o Idealized systems  Jati~seen in actual operation, fluid system, separates Brahmins caste into 100s of jati, subdivided into many groups: region, linguistics background, vedic tradition they come from, eating habits (meat?), Goddess tradition, do they work in temples?, specialities (ex wedding), much more complex system than 4 fold varna, o Larger 5th group: (dalit, untouchable) below shudra, do they really dirty work o Whole system is very big, what might make you special in region, may make you low status in another part of the country, people rigorously defend their status, fluidity of occupational status  Caste o Portuguese term, when Portuguese come to india and see class division, decided it looks like their caste system and coined the term o Talking about jati, for the most part o Enters Indian vocabulary later on, Varna and jati are not exactly they same thing as class, you can be wealthy and be low caste depending on how things have worked out for you this life o Terms europeans apply to the whole system indiscrimintely o Feb 12 in class, multiple versions of exam o 2 sections  1. 15 marks, identify 3?5 terms, brief definiton, significance should go into detail about the importance of the term for the tradition as a whole  Rewarded for using technical vocabulary of hinduism and explain what the words mean, don’t imagine he knows, show him what you mean, link ideas, be quick precise and then move on  Ex: moksha: release of samsara, breaking of the chain of the cycle samsara  Significance: samsara (cycle of rebirth), samsara is not eternal bliss, you dont want to remain here, it is a trap you are caught in, brough about by spiritaul ignorance (philosophical schools, variaty that define moksa differently, various ideas of moksha), explain karma: generation of good/bad deeds, storehouse of good/bad deeds that drive you into a new life, Moksha is karma free zone, dharma: righteous/ bad actions,  Section #2 passages  2/4  Full name of text, of author, whatev
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