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RELI2515A_Religion and Aesthetics in India_Harsha V. Dehejia_Fall 2010( Entire Class Notes, Very Useful)

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Carleton University
RELI 2515
Harsha V.Dehejia

Lecture 1Introduction IntroductionHindu is a home based traditionthere are temples but are not importantEuropeans taught that Hindu has no philosophy but it has been around for 5000 yearsHindu EpistemologyWhat is knowledge how it is experienced the effect of knowledge JnanaHindunot in dictionary o philosophic textgiven by Persians 1413 centuryrefer to a group of people who created civilization in indus Sindhuin SanskritHindooEuropean taking about HindeHindotvaHindunessless than 100 yearsexpression of a Hindu ideastill used as a political plankHinduism religionSECTERIAN3 major sectsvaishnava salva shakta mother goddess Rasikaconnoisseur of beautiful objects and concepts who uses these objects to gain knowledge rich and fulfilling experience encounter with the object of beauty becomes a yoga Ancient IndiaAncient Indiaonly had Hinduism3 major approaches in the philosophy of HinduBhaktadevotee devotional to God standpointRasikaaesthee person who undertakes a deep undertaking of analysis of the objects of beauty that deliberate contemplativepenetraing to acquire Hindu knowledgesexist in ancient india all oral o Knowledge is meant for my son and worthy peopleKO HOM o ultimate reality who am Iquestion quest The Isthe empirical istudentage weight DOB etcpsychologicalim angry happy state of mindintellectual istudent prof engineeretcultimate iwho you are uniqueness atmanreal self o strengthwho you are weaknessinvestigation of the selfSUBJECT TO DICHOTEMIESsingularity uniquekeeps you stableEtimologyevery sanskrit came from another worldyogaprocess of knowledge that takes me from my outerself to innerselffirst 3 isits not ultimate knowledge MythMetaphor2 birds twinsbird eats fruit and is confusedBird is sereneSymbolizes our mindsOuter mind earth mindintellect ego emotionearth is limited what goes on the earth stays on the earthonly once the seed is planted can it reach the skyInner mind at man sky mind dies limitlessPalimpsestidea takes whole of mindthen after a couple of cenureis loses popularity gives up idea then repeats but is not a new idea but taken from another ideas come and go but dont completely disappear Circularity Circularityrebirthreincarnationordinary people who found ultimate reality poetskavi RSIvisionary leaders of societyultimate knowledgecreateddid not create philosophy No Gods Human beingsdetermined to find truthhuman to Goddont need Gods but celebrate them they need usDont know how world was created and neither does GodNIRGONAwho attributeNIRUIKALPAwattributelimitation o human language intellectrationality will not take you to ultimately real o Ultimate reality is beyond taught constructsonce a question is asked there will be an answer that will lead to another questioninfinite regress o Perfect questionwhen there is no answer question disappears there is NONEPURUSAultimate human being God o problem is subject to death change one day your sad next your happy one day your a student next your notASATnot true unrealborn this way but begins to contemplate knowledge and findsSATtrue realto remain immortal we have childrenname wealth possessionsfind yourself is the only way of remaining deathless page 24prayer foundationis RASA equivalent to the experience God had aesthetic knowledgeaestheticsbeauty is equivalent to philosopherssay NOJourney of knowledgeis to go from object to subject Beautiful adjective SUNDERto beautynounSAUNDARYAatheisticno Godaka yoga of artbeauty who is a fit Rasikawhat are requirements know indian music and dance principles thoughtoone art is related to another interconnectedfit in bodymindnot for the weakperfect myth and metaphors master your life firstkey to be Rasikaminimum o knowledge privatesecretnot everyone was capable o if it was easily found would become corrupted o once you write something its quickly spreadopen to mistakes SABDAwhen you spoke a word it had to be correctly say an ancient sanskrit word it becomes a APASABDAdangerous wordleads to consequenceseg you pray for rain and say a word wrong it might start a fireknowledge learned in a forestteachers taught hereStarting of Hindu tradition 2 different timesFOLKinferrior to European 30 century 3000 BCindus valley civilizationequally validRUPAICONANICONIC STATUESARYAN classical15 Century BC1500BCpastoralmigrated into indiao no temples cowsno longer thought
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