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RELI 2732- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 36 pages long!)

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RELI 2732
Angela Sumegi

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[RELI 2732] Comprehensive winter guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at RELI 2732B V February 13, 2017 • Islam – i▯ tra▯slatio▯, ▯ea▯s su▯▯issio▯ ▯does▯▯t ▯ea▯ it i▯ ▯su▯▯itti▯g to a sear▯h▯ ▯ut i▯ the sense of peace) and Muslim is one who finds peace in the submission to god • Islam is primordial faith, everything in the universe submits to the will of God because that is its primordial will (leaves, rocks, everything). • Faith is considered to be the natural way of things, humans are born into the natural faith in god and purity, since human beings have choice they are required to confirm their submission to god. And when their time is ended they will be judged and those that confirmed it will be re▯arded a▯d those that did▯▯t ▯ill ▯e pu▯ished Three main areas of Islamic thought 1. The unity of God expressed in the shahadah la ilaha illa Allah; there is no god but The [One] God Mohammed rasul Allah – Mohammed is the Messenger of God. (this is the outward expression of the muslim identity) 2. Prophecy – Mohammed is considered by Muslims to be the last of the Prophets. (throughout time god has sent prophets with the same message) 3. Eschatology – the knowledge or study of the end times. (The internal expression of Muslim identity is really a matter of the heart) Mohammad was born in Mecca, first revelatory vision fro▯ the a▯gel Ga▯riel, Qur▯a▯ is ▯o▯sidered to ▯e a fulfilment of biblical prophecy. Mecca was an oasis in the desert, a natural stopping place for all the trading vans. Held the Ka▯▯a, was said to be built by Abraham and one of his sons (one whose mom was Hagar) one of the most sacred places (Surah 81:1–14) When the sun is shrouded in darkness, when the stars are dimmed, when the mountains are set in motion, when pregnant camels are abandoned, when wild beasts are herded together, when the seas boil over, when souls are sorted into classes, when the baby girl buried alive is asked for what sin she was killed, when the records of deeds are spread open, when the sky is stripped away, When Hell is made to blaze and Paradise brought near: then every soul will know what it has brought about. Spirit and Soul • Nafs – the Soul, the inner self of the person • Ruh – the Divine Spirit, the life-breath of God that animates the person find more resources at
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