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RELI 2732Lecture 5Christian PerspectivesrdOctober 3 Christianityaccepted the Old Testament as scripturetheir writing is called the New Testamentthe first 4 books are the Gospels and contain the life of Jesusabout 40000 different sectsdenominationsshows how many aspects Christianity can be widely interpretedJesusborn into a regular Jewish family Parents Mary and Joseph were travelling for a government census and the inns were all fullstayed in a mangerbarn where Jesus was bornUnordinary birthvirgin motherforetold by an angelhe is the son of God sent by God and is one with Godseen as part of the holy trinity the three aspects of Godfather creatorson entered creationholy spirit divine power of Godhe was a wise child baptised by John the Baptist a mystic linked to apocalyptic times the baptism was the beginning of Jesus career seen as a rebel preacher in the Jewish religionbelieved that all evil came from within and was not from an outside influence The spirit of the heart behind the act also dictates a good personJesus died of crucifixionbeing hung on the crossa humiliating long and public deathdone in a public area as a warning to the people to not commit the same crimes or act in the same mannercrowd controldiscouragement for political crimes he was placed in a rock tomb resurrected and ascended to heaven stating he would return to defeat his enemieshe was accepted and proclaimed to be the promised MessiahChrist derives from the Greek word for MessiahSects of Judaism competed for controlSadducees wealthy priestly aristocratic sectalso a minorityrejected the idea of resurrectionPharisees middle class people established synagogues
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