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ExamReviewLectures612Reviewexamisapril132pminthefieldhousehandoutsandlecturesarekeyasisivanillychThereadingtofocusonare10heavenandhell12lastjourney13parinarvana14processofdying15tonywalter16tolstoy90questions2hourstheyaremultiplechoiceandtrueorfalsebeconsciousofotheranswersReviewcosmologycosmosdjinnangelssoulvsspiritintermediateperiodfirstnightinthegraveThereareonly1or2questionsrelatedtoeachpartofstudyFunerealhinduhandoutonWEBCTnajekataswhoislordofdeathandwhathappensBuddhismcosmology6realsmofrebirththewheelofsamsara3forcesatcenternosouldidealnocontinuingaspectdeathoftheBuddhahowwouldtheremainsbestoredlastwordsoftheBuddhaTibetanBuddhismdeathHarvarddeathdefinitiondyingisaprocessbodymindvoicecleanlightofdeathbefamiliarwiththe3bardostatesofdeathChineseunderstandingofyinyangthecomplementarybalancegoodbalancebadunbalancedqualitiesofyinlowdarkcoldqualitiesofyanglighthighwarmthstructureofspiritworldghostsandancestorsunderstandyinyanganddeathsoulReligiousandphilosophicalDaoismJuanzhuandhiswifesdeathIvanillychreaditagainTherewillbequotationknowthebasicsandunderstandeachtradition1Lecture6HinduismFunrealFeb16HinduPerspectivesonDeathReading11SelectionsfromtheRigVeda12TheLastJourneyReadingnotnecessarystatedinreviewLecture Notes With regard to afterlife in Hinduism there are three paths related to moksha or salvationthe path of ritual action associated with the ancient sacrificial religion of the vedas the path of knowledge related to the later Vedic tradition of the Upanishads and the path of devotion related to worship and devotion to a particular deity Path of ritual actionKarma is a word signifying actionin what is called the Vedic period 1500800 BCE karma referred to the ritual action of the sacrifice that brought about effectsIn the Vedic age religion centred the rituals of the fire sacrifice offered to the divine powers or gods devas who were closely associated with the powers of nature The purpose of religious activity was to ensure the blessings of the godsunderstood very concretely and practicallyhealth wealth many children cattle and a long lifeThe Vedic universe was divided into four realms the celestial realm where the sky gods dwelledthe atmospheric realm where the gods of the atmosphere like the wind and storms the earth where humans dwelled and the World of the Fathers where the dead ancestors dwelledThe main religious ritual the fire sacrifice was conceived of in cosmic terms The Vedic offerings were made to Agni the god of Fire who was the intermediary between the 2
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