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RELI 2732
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RELI 2732Taoist PerspectivesthNovember 14 4 strands of influence on Chinese religion1 Indigenousspirits tripartite world2 Confucianismemphasis on this life order protocol3 Taoismmythical way of nature4 Buddhismkarma meritdemerit how it plays out in the afterlifeChinese religion is nonexclusivecan be Buddhist Taoist and confucianist all at the same timeorthopraxic proper practice vs orthodoxy which is proper belief Majors themesboundaries between this life and death are porousthey intermingleoverlap life and death form a continuumthere is no breakcommunity of the living and when you die you join the community of the deadthe dead are under the high ancestor of the deadie heaven lord of heaven jade emperorthe main religious issue is the health and well being of the person in this life and beyond this lifereligious activity is the means by which the person maintains and enhances vitality of all sortssalvation is not a central concept health vitality family a
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