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RELI 2732Lecture 3Primal ReligionsDeath in the Ancient WorldSeptember 19thcontWaraoBoat Peoplelocated in South America Guyana VenezuelaWarao perspective of the universe see cuLearn for imageearth is a flat disc floating on universe water Sky is a bell shaped tent on the axis of the earththe world axis represents the pathways in which human beings can connectthe axis is made of tobacco smokeat the base of the world axis under the ocean is the snake of being a 4 headed snake with antlers on each headGods of the various cardinal directions live in the mountainssometimes called grandfathers or grandmothersdeities of the world of light and darknessmust maintain equilibrium with human life and the needs of the spiritsdeities that share the worldsurvival for humans and deities depend on mutual benefitsometimes things are beneficial for one but not the otherGods need to be nourished by humans in order for the Gods to protect them Humans need to be protected by the GodsGod of the underworld requires human sacrificenot beneficial to humansthe shaman travels the pathways to communicateThree kinds of ShamanPriest Shamanperforms rituals relating to the GodsgrandfathersLight Shamanrelated with fertility of the soil in particular Gods of light are situated in the EastDark Shamantends to the Gods of the underworld situated in the Westeach have a patron God among the grandfathersafterlife is only guaranteed to shamans and those who are the best of their ritualized professionie canoe makers basket weaversordinary people and children are food for the spirits of the underworldthe underworld was originally connected to the world of humans by a cordarterywould nourish the spirits of the underworld by draining blood into the artery not designed to kill in an act of human jealousy the duct was severed
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