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RELI 2732Lecture 4Death in the Ancient WorldJewish PerspectivesSeptember 26contOsiris domain was in the west called the field of reedsrushes Orisian fields Elysian fields it was a fertile place where grain grew 10 feet tallthe dead were granted a plot of land to work the soilwas really life as we know itShabti were statues placed in the tomb of a rich personthey were a servant who would follow you and serve you in the next lifethe soul had to be judged by Osiris pronounced good and worthy for life in the Osirian fieldsthe dead would go through a series of tests and trials the last and biggest test was judgement from OsirisDead was referred to as an Osiris through the process in Egyptian writingsAnubis conducts the soul into the judgement hall a confession is givennot the type of confession we think of The confession was a declaration of innocence and purity a justification of why you should be let into the kingdom see cuLean for exampleWeighing of the heartweighed by Anubis on a scale against a feather represents righteousness and truthGoddess MaatGoodness and pureness makes the heart equally light with the featherthe soul would pass into the kingdom of OsirisSin would make the heart heavysoul would be devoured by crocodile headed Ammit and the soul would undergo a second death of total annihilationthe second death was a great fear you had to show yourself as completely purevery strong correlation between the continuation of life after death and purity in lifeMesopotamia egpyt is an isolated regionlittle influence to the cultureMesopotamia was very openmany peoples were interested in taking over the fertile crescent where Mesopotamia was located about 2000 godsdeities in Mesopotamiarequired for protectionIshtar like Isis was the Goddess of fertilityMardukchief of Babylon and responsible for the creation of the world
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