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RELI 2732Buddhist perspectivesThe Tibetan book of the DeadcontThe Buddha attained enlightenment or nirvana in this lifethe body is the results of past karma at the end of life of an enlightened being is parinirvananirvana with nothing remainingkarma propels a person to be reborn into a realm of existenceonce nirvana is attained there is no more rebirthDeath of the Buddhaaccepted a meal at the house of a blacksmith this was very taboo the high cast like the Buddha did not eat with the low cast in IndiaBuddhas teachings eliminated casthe and his monks ate with the blacksmithwe are told that he became very ill after the meal the position of his death was notablelaying on his right side with his head resting on his hand like a pillow called lions poseWhat do you do with the remains of a Buddhahe said not to worry that attaining enlightenment and intent on your own good were worth thinking abouthe said to treat the remains like the king of kingshe was wrapped and crematedburial mound or stupa a reliquarysomewhere that holds relics a site of pilgrimagethose who visit the site will have their hearts softened and will be made happy which causes good karma and thus a good rebirth or of course nirvanathe last words of the Buddha were decay is inherent in all component things and work at your salvation with diligencemost important aspects of his teachingsDeath Rituals in Tibetan Buddhism First 500 years of Buddhism ideal spiritual person was an Arahatan enlightened being based on hearing the Buddhas teachingsSecond 500 years ideal spiritual person was the Bodhisattvasomeone who postpones their own liberation to help others attain enlightenmentThird 500 yearsVajrayanathe diamond way The form of Buddhism practiced in Tibet
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