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RELI 2732

Muslim perspectives on death and afterlifeWhat is the difference between ruh and nafsruh means spirit animating breath of god as spiritnafs soul inner soul and whole personalityHow did William Chittick explain Islamic cosmologyoutter layer is the visible world we inhibit the world of clay and earth and bodies and matter known as devote of life will matter and speech and material world and world of darknessthe core of cosmos is the invisible world of light and angels created out of pure light However the world in between invisible and visible is the world of the jins who are made out of fire fire is a mixture of material and light innr core is ruhWhat is barzakhafter death and before resurrectionseperation barrierboundary between the world of living and death Like dead and ressurection Somtimes translated as inter worldHow does the Quran describe Paradise and the Firegarden pf paradise or the fires of hell which lack even light because light will be taken from fire while heat remains there are many levels of each as each soul is unique in its perception of heaven and hell In heaven the faithful are given vision of god again which each perceives according to his capacity the greatest bliss is he vision of god so the greatest misery is to be veiled from godAccording to al Ghazali what takes place between death and the final destiny of the soulalghazi says that mankind will driven to the traverse and the good ones will be saved and the bad ones will slip upon that are saved not all will have an easy timeal barzakh What is the Traversebridge over hell that is sharper than sword and thinner than hairWhat is the traditional method of disposing of the bodycremation is forbidden in islam the perosn must face right mecca and be burried right away the family should pay any debts owed by the deceased when the person is close to death they should recite the shahada hell is a seperation from god and heaven is comunion with godHindu Perspectives on death and afterlifeIn the Vedic age how did the fire sacrifice relate to creation the gods and the dead ancestorsgods depended on fire sacrafices and offeringsdead ancestors depended on funeral rituals of well beingcow was cooked in west earth and places in eastsky gods as offering to godsofferings for the ancestors was placed in the southern fire known as hungry fireagni inthe burning wanted fire to be transforming agent into spirit worlf so agni manifested skysun earthfire atmoshpherelighteningworld of fathers lava to communicate with other realmsWhat is the World of the Fathers
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