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RELI 2732

Death and AfterlifeThursdays 1135235 First ClassThursday 5 September Prof side notes Snark The Hunting ofread poem BBC documentary on near death experiences on the culearn website watchLecture outline 1 Thoughts on the meaning of death2 The origin of deathmyths from primal religions3 Death as transformation4 Death as loss5 Return from the dead6 Explanation of reasons for NDEIn order to make sense of death we need to look at its opposite Since you chose the banana your life will be like a banana treewhen the small tree bears the fruit then the tree diesYou will die and youre children will take your placeshould have chosen the stoneimmortal Religions see death as a doorwayheaven or spiritual existencethe point of transformation from one world to the nextIf life is characterized by transformation and change then death would be the ultimate transformation of lifeironyexistence as matter to existence as spirit death is a door to a new great existencealthough death is never associated with joymorning and grief Death is loss or lack of lifenot gainjourney of the souldeathloss of your body action mind social relationships love selfmany religions death means the resurrection of the life were used to afterlife Death ritualsa ways to comfort themselves family friends etc reaffirming connections to the one who died as well as the ones who still live
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