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SOCI 1001
Charles Gibney

2011 year of discontent - arab spring 1- hockey subculture and violent masculinity 2- individual responsibility 3- anarchist subcultures anomie: we are isolated from each other yet crave connectedness because of this we are attracted to subcultures its produced by social isolation, disconnectedness from one's community, lack of shared social norms/values can be created by a chasm between hopes dreams and expectations and the social/economical reality social groups encounter disconnect between promises society makes to youth vs. reality emile durkheim: french father of sociologist, his method promotes order, status q, consensus; theory of suicide: based on stats alfred dreyfus: jewish military officer in france. Affair: unites germany humiliates france george miller beard: neurasthenia: frayed nerves increased anxiety fatigue depression, caused suicide organic analogy: societies are analogous to organisms - society compared to body cause all parts work together *helpful acronym = A.A.E.F* 1) Anomic Suicide = The limitations on ones desires is not regulated enough within society resulting in insufficient social limitations. An example is celebrities. 2) Altruistic Suicide = The individual relates to the extreme to society values, rules and ideal. Self-morality and desires is lost and become undistinguishable. The individual has little autonomy. Example: army, or religious extremist 3) Egotistic Suicide = The person is completed distanced from society having no connection to the values rules and ideals. There is too much distance. They question every aspect of their life. An example is marginalized people 4) Fatalistic Suicide = A person is to regulated and over controlled by society. An example would be a prisoner. karl marx thoery of alienation: religion is pro typical form of alienation (humans and God); capitalism alienates humans and makes being human strange - Work created man. 1- private property separates us, work is an extension of us 2- more complex labour, work becomes simple tasks that require natural potential 2- workers work to get money and commodity Alienation: 1- workers are alienated from the products of their own labour 2- workers are alienated from their own labor 3- competition alienates workers 4- workers alienated from their being socialization is process by which we learn our culture, norms, values, and the roles we must perform and how to do them 1- humans need emotional attachment and interaction 2- critical period birth to age 5 3- socialization is a complicated and active process 2 key dimensions: roles/status and identity/awareness humans have no instincts, need long period of dependency instinct must fulfill 4 basic requirements: complex behavior, unlearned and genetically transmitted, species-wide and invariant, manifest itself first time stimulus is present Charles Horton Cooley: “looking glass self”, develop self concept of ourselves by others reactions to us. Their reactions hold up mirror George Herbert Mead: how do u know what their thinking, answer: our imagination of “the other” (4 stages) imitation, role-play, complex games, generalized other I – biological foundation Me – culture – Self – learn it, wants, dialogue Material factors behind rise of childhood 1- capital investment, tech, steam power replace human sweat 2- increased social mobility and flexible skill sets 3- capital and technologically production, profit and taxation 4- life expectancy rise feral child is child who was severely isolated, confined and abandoned jean itard studied them Definition: “culture is the way of life of a particular people, period, place, or group, or the way of life of humanity in general” Textbook: “culture is essentially the complete way of life shared by a people, includ
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