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SOCI1001 Full Notes for the Entire Year

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Carleton University
SOCI 1001

SOCI1001Suicides1Antisocialnonsocial act2Generated by social factors as well as psychological disorders The explanationDurkheim3More than a psych disorder4Social forces influence 5Studied rates of suicide and psych disorder6Increase of psych disorder ratesincrease of suicide rates7Decrease of psych disorder ratesdecrease of suicide rates8Social solidarityoDegree at which group members share values and beliefsoIntensity and frequency at which they interact9Increase in social solidaritymore communityless suicides10Decrease in social solidaritymore withdrawnmore suicides Suicides in Canada Today11Increase in youth suicideoLess religionoIncrease in unemployment ratesoIncrease in divorce rates Personal Troubles to Social StructuresMicrostructureoIntimate groupoFamilies friends and coworkers MacrostructureoOutside circle of intimatesoClass relations bureaucracies Global structuresoInternational organizations economic relations between countries Sociological ImaginationMills12Ability to see the connection between personal troubles and social structures13Conflict theory OriginsScientific Revolution 155014Conclusions about the working of society must be based on solid evidence Democratic Revolution 175015Humans are responsible for organizing society thus human intervention can solve social problems Industrial Revolution 1780s16Economic transformation science and technology factories formation of the working class Theory Research and Values Spoken about in next lectureComteFounderNever conducted researchTo understand the social world using scientific methodCoined the term sociologyWanted to put the study on scientific foundationsVision of the ideal society SpencerSocial Darwinism society evolves like biological species doInequalities exist in order to evolveBelieved that he had discovered the scientific laws governing the operation of societyTheories are motivated by values and guided by researchTheoriesexplanation that state how and why certain facts are relatedResearchsystematically observing reality to assess the validity of the theoryValuesideas about what is right and wrong FunctionalismDurkheim1Social structures govern human relations1Social structures maintain or undermine social stability1Social structures are based on shared values and preferences1Reestablishing social equilibrium solves social problems Functionalism how is social order supported by macrostructuresDurkheim and his suicide theorythe whole is greater than the sum of its partsStabilitysolidarity results from proper functioningEx social services help enable social stabilityStresses that human behaviour is governed by stable patterns of social relationsShows how social structures can either maintain or undermine social stabilitySuggests social structures are based mainly on shared values or preferencesArgues that reestablishing equilibrium is the best way to solve most social problemsIn CanadaBecame popular during The Great DepressionPeople searched for social equilibrium during desperate times ParsonsIdentified the necessary function of institutions that allow society to run smoothly
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