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Introduction Anatomy of a RiotSociologySociology the systematic study of human society and the behavior of people in society One key goal of sociology is to study and analyze the various elements that constitutes a societys structure and the relationships among these elementsoSociety term to describe the social worldoCulture term to describe societys contents Sociocultural system society social structure and culture combined Macrosociology theories that focus on the ways individual human behavior is influenced by the broader society analyze social structuresinterested in the big picture Microsociology focuses on the way individual behavior and perceptions influence societyperson to personNot just behavioral traits that affect human behavior it is also environmental influences The individuals who hold power are the most likely to be able to shape a societys norms bliefes values and social institutions Relations of PowerPower the ability of an individualgroup to carry out its will even when opposed by others oExists within personal relationshipsproximal relations of power and in society as a wholedistal relations of powerProximal father and son quite small effectDistal government serious However if there is a negative incident then society wants us to focus on proximal relations instead of distalif we failed at a job interview wants us to blame ourselves instead of government policiesoC Wright Mills differentiated personal troubles of milieu from public issues of social structureSocial imagination ability to go beyond the personal issues we all experience and connect them to broader social structuresif one person is poor it is their problem if millions are poor its a social issueStatus position within the social structure which can be ranked in relation to each other oThose with higher statuses have more privileges Where does the individual fit inNorms the expected pattern of society The need to belong and fit into social groups makes it difficult to be nonconformists oLimitations in society while controlling behaviorSex keeping it private and no incestSociology and ScienceThe roots of modern sociology lie in nineteenthcentury Europe and are linked to the growth of science in the preceding few centuries oIn sixteenth and seventeenth century Europe philosophers discovered a new way of understanding the world via the scientific world oNorth American twentieth century sociology focused on quantitative analysis and proximal social relations whereas European sociology focused on philosophy and broader social questionsoScience is rooted in two key elementsKnowledge must be based on empirical observationsdata that can be observed through the sensesInformation must be analyzed through logic and rational thought oSociology emerged via the scientific world because it was believed that both the physical and social environment could be altered by humans through the application of reason oOne of the earliest social theorists to try and apply scientific principles to social analysis Frenchman August Comte17981857 who coined the term sociology emphasized the importance of empirical observation of the external material world in the study of social issuesoScientific knowledge is capable of being biased because we are humans who already have formed opinionsWe can speak of society as a system and social behavior as having predictable patterns while at the same time acknowledging the possibility for individual behaviors or what is referred to as human agency Social expectations are equally a comfort as much as a constraint for citizens because we cling to themoTodays social world is built on the sociocultural world of our ancestorsoTension is between individuals and not between individuals and society We are products of the Enlightenment cultural movement that expanded in both Europe and North America in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and spread across the worldoStressed logic reason freedom of thoughtoArgued that the scientific method was the basis of understanding the world Why is there more than one explanation of human behaviorDifferent theoriesoften called paradigms that explain the same facts but in different ways WhyoSocieties are complex that are full of contradictory elements thus not everyone approaches society in the same wayoPeople already have strong opinions about society thus we are all biasoRobert Mankoffs fish cartoonLittle fish no justice in the worldMiddle fish some justiceBig fish world is justExplains that depending on class explains how the world is just If the fish were able to analyze their own world and the big fish wanted to keep the situation the way it was it would be referred to as order theories If the little fish changed and benefited it would be referred to as a change theory concerned with macrosociology Easier to identify change theories than order because it I easier to identify change than situations that stay the same oKarl Mark concerned himself with change theories especially with the little fish and how they were going to transform His notions are often referred to as the political economy approach to sociology oOrder theories different approachesBiological determinism if a human behavior is biologically based it cannot be easily changed Functionalismstructural sees society as an organism with a number of interconnected and necessary elementswhich is equal for the maintenance of society rooted in thoughts from August Comte Herbert Spencer Emile Durkheim The hardest order theories are middle fish theories which state that there is some just in the world they promote some change to the social world but only seek readjustments in the same basic structural arrangements 2011 The Year of DiscontentArab Spring Series of violent clashes between police and demonstrators over skyrocketing food prices and deteriorating economySuicide of Mohamed Bouazizi on Dec 17 2010 ignites protests in Tunisia Brutal police crackdown fuels further protestsJan 14 President Ben Ali flees Tunisia for Saudi ArabiaThe Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia sent shockwaves across North Africa and the Middle East Suicide of Mohamad Bouaziz ignites protest in TusniaBrutal police crackdown fuels further protestsJan 14 President Ben Ali fleesJul 13 2011 Adbuster sent out a call for action to ask readers to flood lower Manhattan set up tents occupy wall street demand president Barack to end influence of money over people of WashingtonIn the UK August 7 2011 protest started police shot unarmed black man Mark Duggan escalated to riot and went to London and other major citiesdamage in London was outrageous Canadians called out call to action occupy movementThe Stanley Cup Playoffs Vancouver 2011Stanley Cup Playoffs occurred in VancouverJune 15 2011 Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canuckstens of thousands of people were in high spirit 19000 fans paid large sums of money to watchriot thbegan after Boston won 7 gamebegan to burn police cruisers breaking windows took pictures in front of burning carswas it a conspiracy was it raging fans was it drugged peopleOften being a man means violence and hockey allows men to fight each other in order to enforce a code of conduct it is unique because it harvests violence related back to frontier justice People who govern fighting refuse to ban fighting Most of the fans were young males who were devoted fans and strove to prove their masculinity by allowing violence to occur in this riot Youths take pictures of themselves striking heroic poses in front of burning cars with cell phones post them on Facebook later that nightWHY1 Hockey SubcultureViolent MasculinityLaura Robinson argues that within the subculture of hockey being a man is defined by the willingness and ability to commit acts of violenceViolence becomes central to the identity of the young men who participate in this subcultureViolence becomes wrapped up in what means to be a manWhile other sports are violent professional hockey is unique in allowing players to fight to enforce a code which cant be found in the official rulesFrontier justiceViolent masculinityRobinson argues that other sportsbased subcultures eg mixed martial arts also produce violent notions of what it means to be a manWe shouldnt be surprised then when you marinate these subcultures in alcohol and subject them to a historic defeat that occasionally riots erupt
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