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Social relations powerfully influence suicide rates Sociologists use scientific methods to test their ideas thus increasing the validity of the results Suicide appears to be a supremely antisocial and nonsocial act Emile Durkheim demonstrated that suicide is more than just an individual act of desperation that results from a psychological disorder Durkheim showed suicide rate are strongly influenced by social forces Examining the association between rates of psychological disorder causes suicide is supported only if suicide rates tend to be high where rates of psychological disorder are high and low where rates of psychological disorder are low He discovered for example that there were slightly more women in insane asylums as men but there were four male suicides for every female suicide Clearly suicide rates and rates of psychological disorder did not vary directly According to Durkheim the more beliefs and values a groups members share the more frequently and intensely they interact the more social solidarity the group has The more anchored an individual is to a group environment the less chance there is of suicide Married couples for example have a low rate of suicide because their marriage is a social tie Durkheim wrote suicide varies with the degree of integration of the social groups of which the individual forms a part Microstructures are patterns of intimate social relations They are the patterns of relatively intimate social relations formed during face to face interaction Families friendship circles and work associations are all examples of microstructures Macrostructures are patterns of social relations that lie outside and above your circle of intimates and acquaintances They are overarching patterns of social relations that lie outside and above your circle of intimates and acquaintances Macrostructures include classes bureaucracies and power systems such as patriarchy Patriarchy is the traditional system of economic and political inequality between women and men Global structures are patterns of social relations that lie outside and above the national level They include international organizations patterns of worldwide travel and communication and the economic relations between countries The sociological imagination is the quality of mind that enables a person to see the connection between personal troubles and social structures The Scientific Revolution began about 1550 It encouraged the view that sound conclusions about the workings of society must be based on solid evidence not just on speculation The Democratic Revolution began about 1750 It suggested that people are responsible for organizing society and that human intervention can therefore solve social problems
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