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SocietiesSocietydescribes the structure of our social worldCulturedescribes a societies contentsSocieties structure exist outside of the members in it Although membership is always changing th structure within it stays basically the sameRelations of PowerPowerthe power of an individual or group to carry out its will even when opposed by othersProximal Relations of Powerrelations of power that exist between individuals within social groupsDistal Relations of Powerrelations of power that exist in society as a whole rather than within personal social relationsSociological Imaginationability to go beyond the personal issues we all experience and connect them to broader social structuresThe major Sociological FrameworkOrder theoriestheories that ultimately support the current arrangements of power within a societyChange Theoriestheories that critique the current distribtution of power and focus on how societies changeBiological Determinismany theoretical explanation of human behavior that focuses on biological or genetic bases for that behaviorFunctionalisma sociological framework that saw society as an organism with a number of interrelated and necessary elementsMacrosociologythe branch of sociology that primarily examines societies as a whole with analysis focusing on large scale and long term social processesMicrosociologythe branch of sociology that examines primarily individual and small group behavior with analysis focusing on individual perception and communiationsRIOTSThe causes of the Stanley Cup riots1They were influenced by the violence of the sport copying what they had seen and enjoyed on the ice Violent masculinitythis is shown in the subculture of hockeybeing a manthe willingness and ability to commit acts of violenceOther sports that have this type of masculinity tend to cause violence as well2the police believe that the riot was not caused by hockey fans but another subculture known as rioters and anarchistsbelieved they took advantage of the peaceful riots as cover for their violent tacticsThis explanation allows the government to have an easy way to keep their reputations However in the Stanley cup finals most of the rioters were not wearing black but rather the colours of the COnucks showing this may not have been fully or at all the blame of anarchists 3Most of the main stream media coverage ignored that most of the rioters where young people Young people feel isolated so they use subcultures such as hockey to no longer feel lonely and are willing to do anything to feel part of subculture This is caused because they dont have a subculture that is their own where they feel accepted Because of this isolation we are attracted to false or fabricated subculture groups are fuelled by our desperate need for solidarity especially among young people We are desperate to have a feeling of conectednessThe subculture of hockeybeing a manthe willingness and ability to commit acts of violenceviolence becomes the central identity for young men this is called violent masculinityAnarchists Subculturesorganization of thugs professional rioters and anarchists known as the Black BlocAnomieproduced bysocial isolationsdisconnectedness from ones communitylack of shared social normsvalueschasm between hopes dreams and expectations social and economic reality social groups encounterit is more prevelant in young peoplenot necessarily caused by povertyIt is manifested in despair and feelings of hopelessness but also rage Promises of AnomieIt is no longer true that going to university is a straight road to middle class Students are opitimisticmass media showing hard working people being successfulLarge disconnect between the promises society makes and realitycause of anomieStudents can expecta lot of uncertaintyEmployment that they are overqualified forUnpaid internshipsLong periods of unemploymentStudent debtEmily DurkheimOrganic Analogyhuman societys are comparable to human organisms where each instution performs a vital function for the whole societyDurkheims method promotes order status quo consensus on dominant values norms way of lifeDreyfus AffairAlfred Dreyfus was convicted of selling state secrets to the Germanshowever many believed that he was framedDurkheim joined public support for Dreyfus He believed Dreyfus should have the basic human rightsThe French did not feel as strong as the GermansDurkheim believed strongly in democracy liberty and the rights of man He wanted the French to be more united through democracy and education which would produce moral responsible citizens
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