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SOCI 1001
Charles Gibney

MOCK MIDTERMSOCI10011Laura Robinson argues that within the subculture of hockey being a man is defined asC Willingness and ability to commit acts of violence2 An explanation for protests eg Vancouver G20 riots which is convenient for governments andpolicies trying to protect reputations would beB Create a scapegoat3 Which of the following is NOT true about instinctsD A biological trait found in humans4 The documentary Broke professional athletes who quickly became rich and also quickly lost theirriches is exemplifyingAConcept of anomie5 Pop culture increases anomie becauseB Celebrities endorse an idea that with no hard work youth can be successful6The Dreyfus affair had sociological significance becauseB Durkheim argued Dreyfus should have full benefit of the rights of man7 Beard would explain the rising suicide rates withA Neurasthenia caused by modern society and leading to mental exhaustion8 Socialization isC The lifelong process by which we learn our culture9 The video Consuming Kids shows howA In the past children were exposed to high levels of advertising but there are now regulationsin place to limit this10 Cooley would describe our selfconcept asD Developed by rendering and interpreting other peoples reactions to us and our behaviour11 Harris argued the materialist approach to culture could avoid error of reasoning known asethnocentrism Ethnocentrism isD Practice of judging other cultures as inferior based on our own cultures standards12 Which of the following is not considered essential to CapitalismB GrowthC ConsumerismD Investment and reinvestment13 The Critical Period isB Between birth and the age of five when the child must learn to use language or the brain willreorganize itself in way that makes language acquisition very difficult14 Margaret Wente argued that childhood isC Expanding
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