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SOCI1002 Full Notes for the Entire Year

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SOCI 1002
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SOCI1002SOCIOLOGY MIDTERM WEDNESDAY THFEBRUARY 13ComtePositivism empirical scienceFounder of sociology FunctionalismHow society is structured to maintain stability and how it functions as a wholeDurkheimoHow individual behaviour is governed by social forcesoSuicide theory suicide is linked to the level of social solidarityoSocial solidarity degree to which group members share beliefs and values and the intensity and frequency of their interactionoElderly are more likely to commit suicide as they have a low level of social integration within society which increases the suicide rateoThe less integrated into society one is the more likely to commit suicide Conflict TheoryClass struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariatOngoing power struggleGroups compete for resourcesMarxoCapitalist domination economic structure shapes social lifeoRevolutionistoClass conflictoSocial inequality and social injustice Symbolic InteractionismWeberoVerstehen understanding the meaning and motives behind peoples actionsoRise of capitalismGoffmanoAge gender race etc shapes actions and behaviour of individualsoBut there is room for individual creativity as welloLife is like a stage people have front stage roles backstage ones and are made up of many rolesMeadoSense of self is formed through social interaction Feminist TheoriesMarxist class and economic positionsLiberal legal restrains and customsRadical patriarchyMale domination within societyGoal elimination of patriarchyReproductive rights employment rights Aboriginal family rights Functionalism how is social order supported by macrostructuresConflict theory how is social inequality maintained and challenged in macrostructuresSymbolic interactionism how do people created meaning when they communicate in microlevel settingsFeminism what are the social sources of patriarchy in both micro and macro settings Culture as FreedomSymbolic interactionismoPeople actively produce and interpret culture attaching meaning to it in accordance with their diverse needs therefore we are at liberty to choose how culture influences usConflict theory Right revolutionoSocially excluded groups have struggled to win equal rightsoThey search for compensation for their pastsoLegitimizes the grievances of groups that were formerly excluded from social participation and renewing their pride in their identity and heritageGlobalizationoWhen separate economies state and cultures are tied togetheroPeople are free to live in various cultures and dont need to accept one Culture as ConstraintCultural norms and values limit the ways in which we behave and think in socially approved waysRationalizationoWeberoMost efficient means to achieve given goals and the unintended negative consequences of doing sooSaw that culture acts like a cageoEx clocks didnt exist people felt flexible and free now clocks constrain usConsumerismoTendency to define ourselves in terms of goods we purchaseTheories of Childhood SocializationThe self consists of your ideas and attitudes about who you areFormation of a sense of self begins in childhood and continues in adolescenceCrystallization of selfidentity during adolescence is just one episode of the lifelong process of socializationFreudoProcess by which the self emergesoInfants demand immediate attention but begin to form a selfimage when their demands are deniedoEx baby cries mom comes running baby is now happy vs baby cries mom does not respond right away baby begins to realize he must be independent from his motherCooley The Looking Glass SelfoDevelop a self concept based on how we think others see usoEx other says Im fat thus I must be fat
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