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Sociology MidTerm Review What is sociology Sociology is an elastic discipline that shares some elements in common with many other fields Ex Philosophy History Psychology The study of the development structure and functioning of human societySociological Perspective as seeing the general in the particular By this we mean that sociologists identify general patterns in the behavior of particular individualsInvolves asking a various set of questions 1What are the effects of your class position on how you live your life2What racial and ethnic group do you identity yourself with3How do you feel your gender shapes who you are4What impact has crime or deviance had in your lifeSociological Imagination a way of looking at the world that allows links between the apparently private problems of the individual and important social issuesInvolves critical thinking and questioning what otherwise may simply be taken for granted or assumed to be naturalSociologys Four Major Theoretical Traditions 1Functionalism How is social order supported by macrostructures Stresses that human behaviour is governed by stable patterns of social relations social structures Shows how social structures can either maintain or undermine social stabilitySuggests social structures are based mainly on shared values or preferencesArgues that reestablishing equilibrium is best way to solve most social problems 2Conflict Theory How is social inequality maintained and challenged
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