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Carleton University
SOCI 1002
Michael Graydon

Sociology Exam Review -cumulative, weighted towards the second half -short answers: 2nd half -multiple choice: 32 from 2nd, 8 from 1st -essay: take an overview of what you’ve learned this semester in your own words Social Movements: -definition of social movements -four types of social movements (alternative, redemptive, reformative, revolutionary) -claims making and frame alignment (general understanding that there are different processes in their birth, tell the difference between the two) -explanations of social movements -four stages of social movements (emergence, coalescence, bureaucratization, decline) -social movements and social change Social Groups/Organizations: -who do we mean by ‘we’(many social movements are about defining the ‘we’; what goes into this ‘we’) -primary and secondary groups (closer emotional attachment with, and people that are classmates or colleagues - they are different than family members; differences between them0 -communities - historical and contemporary types (defined around the idea of interest Eg social networks, older and newer types, utilitarian) NGO’s are usually examples of normative organizations -bureaucracies -social groups influence us Politics -the state (specific territory and center of power) -the nation (imagined community, emotional and mental identification with -the national state - a story of mutual attraction -power and authority - several types -the state and civil society (the stronger the civil society, the better) -democracy - two types -modern democracies Mass Media -neo-tribes -myth of accessibility and myth of equality (not everyone has access, but because there is a belief that everyone can, people are judged) -the mass media - definition and changing nature (role of social media and how it’s changing things) -functions of mass media -mass media ownership and mass media bias -actively interpreting mass media content -media content -domination and resistance on the internet *able to speak to these things, however not in great detail *for each, 2-3 pieces of information to talk about The Body: -society and the body -embodied selves - technologies of self (perfection vs satisfaction, health vs fitness) -body as subject (site of anxiety and site of pleasure) -body as object (desire and discrimination; there is wanted and unwanted attention) -social construction of disability - shameless, 2006; five artists living with disability, about how they live their lives. (rehabilitation vs normality of disability model) -sociology of aging -death and dying *different ways in which we retouch, effect the look, feel and scent of the body; certain body goals *our bodies are like a machine that can be tinkered and modified with Technology and Environment -paradox of technology (whose responsibility is the cost of technological progress?... who pays?) -risk society (dangers we cannot see or hear) -more polluted and urbanized than it used to be; there are these dangers that we can not see or hear with our own senses; usually need to use technology to find them -tec
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